Why become a member of the Roussillon CDC?

Here is a list of the exclusive benefits of the CDC members:

  • Build bonds of mutual aid, sharing and solidarity with other organizations.
  • Consolidate and develop your organization.
  • Receive and offer help and support.
  • Share and receive information and expertise.
  • Access workshops and training, as well as spaces to reflect.
  • Help your organizations and its achievements be known.
  • Partner and establish common strategies.
  • Undertake collective actions aiming to improve the life conditions of citizens.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the Roussillon community movement.
  • Implement local projects and contribute to the social development of the territory.
  • Take part in the collective assessment of social, political, economic, environmental and cultural issues that have an impact on the community movement.
  • Get representation and have your interests defended within different organizations.

Independent community member

  1. Being a non-profit organization.
  2. Being rooted in the community.
  3. Maintaining an associative and democratic life.
  4. Being free of identifying your mission, approaches, practices and guidelines.
  5. Having been constituted from the initiative of people from the community.
  6. Pursuing a social mission that is unique and promotes social transformation.
  7. Demonstrating citizen-based practices and wide approaches focused on the globality of the issue addressed.
  8. Being administered by a board of directors that is independent from the public sphere.
  9. Having headquarters located in the Roussillon RCM, having a presence on the ground and providing constant services in the area.

Associate members

This category of voting members includes community organizations and social economy enterprises providing services and/or having a point of service on the territory.

Partner members

This category of non-voting members can include organizations in solidarity or partners.

Become a member

To become a member of the CDC, please contact us. We will gladly guide you through the membership process.

By phone or email

438 490-3789

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